.:Terms of Service, General rules and additional information:.

Hello. Thanks for taking a minute to read these TERMS and Rules page. It will surely help you and us to avoid of all missunderstandings in future and will clear up some points on how this store works.

PLEASE NOTE: store works in test mode. More clips will be added soon.
(if everything will be ok)
Also there will be some great updates (NEWS) regarding videos,
so please check around for the announcements!

By becoming a "Member", you are accepting the following club rules:

1. You can view our materials any number of times after purchasing them!
2. You are not allowed to copy, public review resell or post to the usenet our artwork and video material, which is copyrighted
by ART-Modeling inc! You can store it on your hard drive, but you can't use it for your own or somebody's commercial
purposes. You can not share these materials with other customers or non-customers of the following services. Please pay
attention to legal notice! We will track any violation and illegal activity and the abusers will be prosecuted to the highest extent of
law possible, so, please take it seriousely!*
3. If you are wishing to use our materials in commerce, you need to buy a license from us. Just send us an e-mail, including all
data about your company and explain what exactly you need.

Ordering procedure:
1. Go to our shop page.
2. Choose an ITEM you want to download and follow the regular procedure.
3. Follow the instructions on the download page!

not accepted

*KEEP IN MIND: We are using strongest methods (software) to fight with rule-breakers and unathorized material sharing!
We will know exactly, who made a purchase and shared it through the internet if we will find it out!!!
And you can't get rid of it, whatever you do, with any of the videos!
System was developed and created by best programmers and video coders!
So Please respect our hard work, models, photographers... and be happy...=)

All Video clips are not less than 180 megabytes! So you need to make sure before ordering, that your Internet speed will handle that! All current clips are requiring DivX or Media Classic Players to be installed on the computer in order to watch it!

There is NO NUDE material at this site at all, our site is 100% LEGAL!!! We are not providing any kind of illegal content!!! Our site is fully dedicated to FASHION MODELS, if you are looking for something else, then please leave this place immideately, - we do not support any kind of illegal activity!!!